Getting Ahead of the Metrics with Data Visualizations at GE

The growing complexity of regulations and fluctuating market conditions have left today’s oil & gas industry with a myriad of demands for greater efficiency and productivity. Manufacturing companies that have traditionally turned to manual reports for business metrics and insights are now seeking tools that help them to measure and report on operations in real-time, and forecast quality problems before they arise.

In this 45-minute webinar, learn how GE Oil & Gas Digital Solutions has:

  • Cleaned up dashboards and business quality metrics for reporting
  • Increased data accuracy by 90% compared to previous years
  • Grown reporting and data visualization usage across the business

Über den Referenten


Sheela Bilderback

Business Analytics Black Belt, GE Oil and Gas Digital Solutions

Sheela Bilderback is a Business Analyst Six Sigma Black Belt for GE Oil & Gas Digital Solutions, based out of Minden, Nevada. She has been with the business for the past 8+ years starting as a Manufacturing Engineer and later a Manufacturing Supervisor. In her current role, Sheela creates compelling dashboards to help individuals see and understand their data while driving for business continuous improvement. Prior to GE Sheela was a Defense Contractor for 6+ years working as a Software Engineer, Network Engineer, and IT Manager on various contracts in Europe and the US.

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