Tableau Speeds INRIX Efforts to Analyze Petabytes of Traffic Data Worldwide

Monthly Traffic Congestion Trend Reports Takes Three Hours Instead of Three Months

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 8 März, 2013 - 14:45

INRIX, a leading international provider of traffic information and driver services, has selected Tableau Software to analyze and visualize monthly traffic congestion trends from petabytes of archived real-time traffic data worldwide. Tableau helps INRIX quickly analyze historical traffic data covering more than 1 million miles of road in North America and over 1.5 million kilometers in Europe to build the charts and graphs that comprise its monthly INRIX Gridlock Index (IGI) and National Traffic Scorecard reports.

“With so much of our resources focused on our core business, we needed a dynamic automated process for updating this data on a monthly basis so we could identify traffic trends and the cities that could most benefit from INRIX traffic information and driver services,” said Ken Kranseler, Vice President of Product Management at INRIX.

INRIX uses Tableau to analyze about four million rows at a time to build its scorecard. Before Tableau, the process took about three months to create one scorecard per year. Now INRIX creates a new scorecard every month in about three hours.

INRIX uses Tableau across its organization as well. Employees are using the software to look at traffic data in new ways, driving new insights and new ways to use the data.

“Tableau has really widened our horizons,” said Kranseler. “It can be used to see where should I build the next road or how my road infrastructure is performing… or what’s the right way for me to go from point A to point B taking traffic into account.”

INRIX is leading efforts around the globe to leverage smart data and advanced analytics to solve transportation issues and improve mobility for the world’s 1 billion drivers. INRIX crowd sources real-time data from approximately 100 million vehicles and devices to deliver traffic and driving-related insight, as well as sophisticated analytical tools and services, across five industries in 32 countries. More than 200 customers and partners including Audi, ADAC, ANWB, BMW, the BBC, Ford Motor Company, the I-95 Coalition, MapQuest, Microsoft, NAVIGON, Telmap, Toyota and Vodafone use INRIX traffic information and driver services to help drivers save time, fuel and frustration every day.

“INRIX is collecting massive amounts of data from around the world on a 24-hour-a-day basis,” said Elissa Fink, Chief Marketing Officer at Tableau Software. “Tableau provides them with a way to make sense of the data, discovering helpful information for both drivers and those who deal with the world’s transportation challenges.”

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