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Data for Financial Services

When it comes to elevating people with the power of data, Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with the kind of robust, scalable platform you need to run even the world’s largest organizations. At Tableau we value the relationship that we have with the Royal Bank of Canada and look forward to helping you reach your goals and gain the insights you need to be successful.

Your Account Team:

Steve Palermo, Enterprise Account Manager
Jeff Nicholson, Principal Solutions Engineer
Marty Helmus, Enterprise Corporate Sales 
Chase Miller, Business Development Representative

Without Tableau, we would be stuck analyzing enormous amounts of data in spreadsheets. Instead, we create dashboards that provide clear actionable insights, and that drive the business forward.

RBC Webinar Series

How to EXCEL with Tableau

Are you in a love-hate relationship with Excel? Frustrated and feeling like you're not moving forward? Let Excel do what Excel is good at, but move the analytic tasks you depend on and supercharge them in Tableau. This session will cover not only how to duplicate and improve Excel functionality in Tableau, but how to move beyond the constraints of rows and columns. Watch this and repair your relationship with Excel. There's a happy world of dynamic, interactive analytics waiting for you. 
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Tableau on Tableau Finance Analytics

Learn how Tableau's own Mike Crook, Director of Finance Analytics leverages Tableau. In this webinar, Mike will walk you through Tableau's digital transformation journey, show you how quickly you can build a Tableau dashboard to gain insights into your Accounts Receivable data and explore examples of dashboards ranging from executive & board reporting to banking and T&E analysis. Watch Now

Data Storytelling Best Practices

Watch this webinar to learn how you can use Tableau to tell a story with your data. You will learn about how visual best practice techniques and filtering can be used to communicate with your dashboard’s audience.
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Additional Resources

Free Tableau Training Videos

No matter what level of Tableau knowledge you have, these bite sized videos will give you a boost in your analytics journey.

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Tableau in Financial Services

Tableau helps financial institutions across the globe manage risk, build a foundation of trust, and empower a culture of learning and sharing throughout their organization.

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The Vault Series

The Vault is a learning series specifically dedicated to the analytics needs of our Financial Services and Insurance Community.

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