TDWI: Zynga Stresses Visual Access to Its Vast Data Volumes

"We use Tableau a lot internally. It's one of our primary tools right now. It's as much an analytic tool as a communication tool."

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Summary: Social gaming juggernaut Zynga is running the largest Vertica implementation in the world, and their General Manager of Analytics, Ken Rudin, took on the "elusive goal" of involving users at all levels of the company in drawing meaningful insights from all that data. Today, he says a "very high percentage" of Zynga employees consume that information via Tableau dashboards each day. In this Q&A, Ken stresses the value of Tableau's unique ability to provide live access to huge volumes of data, the "secret sauce" behind Tableau's power, and what Zynga is doing to "push the limits" of communication of data.

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