Tableau Cloud Launches Salesforce Sign-in Capabilities

Learn how Tableau Cloud has expanded available authentication options with the addition of Salesforce sign-in to support secure, easy-to-use access.

Tableau Cloud site administrators can now enable user authentication with their Salesforce credentials. With more customers leveraging the power of Tableau and Salesforce together, the ability to use Salesforce credentials means fewer passwords to manage and an easier, quicker time shifting between applications. Sign-in with Salesforce unlocks workflow streamlining and centralization while maintaining quick and secure authentication—an important consideration for everyone.

In most cases, a simple button click is the only step required. The result is an experience already familiar to end users, where they sign into their Salesforce Org before being redirected to their Tableau site.

Tableau Online Salesforce sign-in capabilities

Setup steps

To get started, site admins can configure an additional authentication type on their site. First, sign into your site, navigate to Settings, choose Authentication to open the options page, and select Salesforce from the list (screenshot below):

Next, change any applicable users to the Salesforce authentication type. Open the Users page, select the users for whom Salesforce log-in is desired. From the Actions menu, select Authentication and change the users to Salesforce authentication:

After these steps, you’re finished!  For the selected users, access to Tableau Online will be authenticated using their Salesforce sign-in.

The future of identity and authentication

Sign-in with Salesforce is the newest in a series of investments we’re making in Tableau Cloud Identity & Authentication because we are committed to delivering features with the highest level of security, accessibility, and ease of use in mind. 

Today, Tableau Online supports SAML Identity Providers (IdP), Google, Salesforce, and native Tableau to authenticate users. As a Salesforce company, we believe that the security of your data is paramount so having this option is another way your organization can choose to leverage the safeguards that multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides.  

To discover other ways to unlock the power of Salesforce and Tableau Online together, check out the Salesforce + Tableau solutions page.