Seattle, DC, LA, Boston, New York - Tableau 6.0 Tour Continues

The Tableau 6.0 Tour has ventured out west from Seattle, San Francisco, LA to Newport Beach, and back east to Virginia, DC, Philly, Boston and New York. But the Tableau 6.0 Tour doesn’t end there, it keeps going and going and going for more. Next it’s on to Dallas, Atlanta and Europe oh my!

The people are coming from near and from far.
Tableau-loving people are everywhere!
They come individually they come in teams,
We love to meet customers, so join us please.

More, more! Come to my city, they say!
And so with that we cannot delay.
The Tableau 6.0 Tour may be coming your way
So check the website for new spots today!

The food is quite good, and you’ll get a pour
Of a drink or two while you hold forth.
Come see us in Charlotte or San Francisco once more,
and Toronto, we’re coming to the Great White North!

We hope to see you on the road, but if you miss us in person we have live 6.0 webinars too!