Featured Authors March 2022: Women's Edition

In celebration of Women's History Month, we're recognizing the amazing work of some women who inspire others within our community. Please allow us to introduce our newest group of Tableau Public Featured Authors:



Abbie Taylor is a business intelligence developer who loves to create functional and exploratory vizzes, to help people find interesting stories through data and create artistic vizzes. She became active on Tableau Public in 2020 starting with Tableau Community projects—#MakeoverMonday and #WorkoutWednesday—to help develop new data skills. She went on to participate in #IronQuest and #SportsVizSunday combining two of her favourite things, vizzing, and sports, with a crossover about Sporting Heroes & Legends. Her entry about Netball player Geva Mentor was a #VOTD in 2021. These Tableau Community projects introduced her to the #Datafam who have shared their knowledge and feedback and helped her grow. Connect with Abbie on Twitter.



Diana Kung'u is a freelance data analyst working with Tableau and Python and has previously worked in academics teaching statistics. She began using Tableau Public in April 2021 after discovering #MakeoverMonday on Twitter. Her favorite part about Tableau Public is the inspiration and collaborative learning with the #DataFam. She participates in community-led projects such as Back to Viz Basics (#B2VB), #Preppindata, and Real World Fake Data (#RWFD) These have contributed to her data skill development and provided her with helpful feedback and learning resources within the Community. Connect with Diana on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Emanuela Blaiotta is a data analytics consultant and uses Tableau to perform her daily tasks with clients. As of June 2021, she started creating personal projects on Tableau Public —which enables her to tell stories by mixing creativity and facts. She enjoys analyzing music and social impact-related topics as they are things she is passionate about. Connect with Emanuela on Twitter.


Ha PL discovered Tableau in 2019 during her MBA degree. She fell in love with the aesthetics and creativities that Tableau enables, and decided to be data-cated (pun intended) to become a data analyst. She loves the warm and incredibly supportive #DataFam (although she thinks their talents and geniuses do not do her imposter syndrome any favors). In her free time, she browses Tableau Public Discover to get inspired and learn new techniques as she builds business dashboards. Connect with Ha on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Johanna J

Johanna Josodipuro is a recent Master of Commerce graduate from the University of Sydney. She started her Tableau Public journey in September 2021 after stumbling upon the #VizforSocialGood community initiative. This initiative has given her the opportunity to explore Tableau, provided hands-on practice, and leverage her skills for a good cause. She loves discovering insights that can be helpful for organizations and weaving compelling stories from data that even non-technical audiences can easily understand and act on. In her free time, she enjoys scrolling through the various, amazing vizzes on Tableau Public which have been her sources of inspiration and learning. Connect with Johanna on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Kayla Swain

Kayla Swain is a BI data analyst in healthcare who first discovered Tableau in graduate school and was fascinated with the ability to tell stories with data in such a powerful way. She started creating vizzes on Tableau Public in 2019. Kayla has participated in a few Tableau Community challenges including #DuBoisChallenge and #DataPlusMusic. She enjoys browsing Tableau Public and the #DataFam on Twitter to learn new tips and techniques to keep growing her data skills. Professionally, she works to create dashboards that provide business insights and help inform decisions. Tableau Public has allowed her to get creative and explore projects related to her own interests, like music. Connect with Kayla on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Kseniia Udovitskaia

Kseniia Udovitskaia has been involved in strategic and digital marketing for over ten years. She decided to explore more about data analytics to back up her experience with all the insights that data can bring and Tableau allows her to visualize any data as she strives to communicate the general idea to the viewers. She loves Tableau's possibilities coupled with the Figma UI design framework and the modern, user-friendly interface as it is convenient to make joins of databases, quick table calculations, and calculated fields. Her favorite topics are related to business: finance, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, renewable energy, IT, and the legal market but she also enjoys covering the jurisdictions of Germany, Switzerland, India, and China. Connect with Kseniia on LinkedIn.

Nicole Mark

Nicole Mark is a Tableau Desktop Specialist, a full-time analytics developer at Olive AI, a freelance in data analytics, an information design consultant, and a writer. She discovered Tableau in 2020 while working at Aspen RxHealth. When she read about the #DataFam and #MakeOverMonday on Twitter, she was hooked at first viz. Tableau Public provided a place to share her work and a source of inspiration. The Community's support, honest feedback, and knowledge sharing were invaluable during the first six months of the pandemic. Nicole shares her data and visualization hot takes in her blog, SELECT * FROM data; on Medium and Substack. She loves wrangling, interrogating, and vizzing all kinds of data, but especially data with the potential to inspire people to take action on environmental, social, animal welfare, and humanitarian issues. A long-time healthcare data analyst, she’s excited to join the leadership team of the Tableau Healthcare User Group. Connect with Idris on Twitter and her website.

Phyllis Tay

Phyllis Tay is a data analytics manager at the National Library Board in Singapore, where she analyzes library data through visual analytics and machine learning. She has been using Tableau since 2014 (wow!) and loves how Tableau Public is a place for data enthusiasts to share and draw inspiration from. In her free time, she enjoys gaming and exercising. Connect with Phyllis on LinkedIn.

Preethi Lodha

Preethi Lodhais a data analytics and insights manager with a Master's in Computer Science. She is currently pursuing her MBA at the Isenberg School of Management and has been using Tableau since 2017 to supply actionable insights to ensure student success. After seeing the fantastic work and connecting with the supportive #DataFam at Tableau Conference in 2018, she was inspired to join Tableau Public to expand her knowledge of data, design, and storytelling by participating in Community projects including #DiversityinData, and #ProjectHealthViz. She loves to visualize things she is passionate about as it allows her to learn and analyze trends, outliers, and patterns in data and explore Tableau's capabilities. These learnings helped her visualization of Sherlock Holmes to reach the finals of the Women in Analytics data viz competition 2022. Connect with Preethi on Twitter and LinkedIn.

As March comes to a close, we hope we can continue to elevate this conversation going forward and all year long. Be sure to follow this extraordinary group from around the world who are crushing it in the world of data viz. Looking for some extra inspiration? Subscribe to Viz of the Day, search Tableau Public, or visit Discover to see the latest and greatest. Pro tip: If you sign in you'll see new content curated just for you. If you don’t have a Tableau Public profile yet, create one for free.