Data + Music project uncovers the stories behind our favorite songs

Announcing Data + Music by Tableau, a Tableau community project that highlights the connections between data and the music we love through a series of data visualizations.

Music is an essential part of who we are. It shapes our culture and our identities. There are memories built into every poster on the wall, roadtrip playlist, and concert set list.

But, what if, thanks to data, we could uncover more to the story?

We’re excited to introduce Data + Music by Tableau—a collection of visualizations produced by the incredible Tableau community. The project showcases the data behind your favorite bands, songs, genres, tours, and music towns. These are the stories of music that heal our hearts, help us find our voices, and define generations.

Ken Flerlage dug into 50 years of Fleetwood Mac, analyzing the members and the albums that shaped their classic sound, while Pooja Gandhi analyzed Spotify’s top tracks to find the factors that make a hit. Meanwhile, Jay Yeo looked at K-Pop’s top entertainment agencies to understand what it takes to dominate the genre. These are just a few examples of the stories behind the songs.

Dig into the data to find more mysteries and magic between the notes.

Do you have a passion for music and data?