RocketBoots helps customers identify millions of dollars in savings with Tableau

$10+ millions of dollars in potential savings identified through simulation and visual analytics

Eliminated need for custom visualization software, saving time and costs and accelerating innovation

Increased customer value proposition by enabling self-serve analytics

RocketBoots has evolved from its roots as a bespoke software development company to focus on helping customers unlock value from unique datasets, including data collected from CCTV and even heat sensors. Needing a way to visualize this data, RocketBoots partnered with DataSpark Analytics to embed Tableau into its own solution, known as BeeHive.

The team at RocketBoots can now set up dashboards for new customers in less than half a day, reducing the time and cost previously spent on developing custom visualizations. In addition, Tableau’s simple, yet detailed dashboards help RocketBoots’ customers to fully understand their data and realize the value that RocketBoots can provide, which for some customers, includes millions of dollars in potential savings.


Uncovering millions of dollars in potential savings

RocketBoots’ BeeHive solution collects real world activity data to help businesses understand what’s happening in their physical environments. Taking a bank branch as an example, this includes information like average and maximum queue size and waiting time, which overlayed with human resources and NPS data, can help banks optimize scheduling and service in line with customer demand. Within a corporate environment, information collected may be aimed at maximizing space utilization and include details about the time, size and location of meetings.

In both of these use cases, the data and recommendations provided by RocketBoots can help businesses make more informed decisions and reduce costs. However, the data must be presented in a way that’s easy to understand, and that’s where Tableau comes in. Embedded directly into BeeHive, Tableau has helped RocketBoots bring its customers’ data to life. So rather than spending days on custom visualizations, RocketBoots can focus on uncovering new insights and empower customers to do the same.

Our business is based on hypothesis-driven analysis which means we’re continually collecting more data and testing new ideas. Tableau increases the speed of this iteration and allows us to analyze data in ways we couldn’t before.


This analysis has helped RocketBoots identify opportunities for customers to save millions of dollars on property and resourcing costs. And with Tableau, customers are able to drill down into the analysis themselves, giving them greater confidence to act on the insights provided. In the case of bank branch managers, this has meant increased willingness to adopt new schedules recommended by RocketBoots. Designed to meet customer demand without overscheduling, these schedules have the potential to reduce resource costs by a minimum of 10 hours per week per branch. For a bank with 500 or more branches, this equates to savings of more than $10 million.

Empowering customers with self-serve analytics

Tableau’s embedded analytics platform is now a core part of RocketBoots’ BeeHive solution and a key selling point for customers. They appreciate the ease of analyzing data and being able to uncover new insights on their own.

“Most of our customers have never had access to any data visualization tools, but we’ve found that after four to six weeks of using Tableau, they are just as proficient as we are and ready to start standing up their own data visualizations,” said Rappolt.

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