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Monetize your data by building a great data product with embedded analytics powered by Tableau

Why build an analytics platform if you don't have to?

Tableau's embedded analytics platform allows you to focus on what you do best

Watch this video to learn how you can empower your customers and drive product engagement with integrated, interactive, and visual analytics.

You'll also hear about Tableau's deployment flexibility, authentication, resources and support, security and user filtering, API's, and management capabilities.

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Embedding Tableau brings the power of our industry-leading self-service analytics to your applications, increasing adoption and delighting your customers. Build dashboards in hours, not days—saving you time and resources so you can focus on your core business.

Tableau provides the flexibility and choice to embed analytics where you and your customers already are—and fitting into your existing technologies. This includes versatile single sign-on, integrated with the enterprise authentication system you already use. Or integrate with other authentication technologies, using simple HTTP requests.

Create and customize a seamless experience between your application and Tableau analytics with the JavaScript API. With programmatic control over interactions, you can match the look and feel of dashboards and data visualizations with your product UI. Create custom interactions to change parameters, filters, navigation, enable two-way communication with other systems, and more. The combination of API calls is essentially limitless.

Programmatically manage your users and content at scale with the REST API. Create and sync users, permissions, workbooks, and data sources.

With row-level security and user filtering, you can build dashboards once that will load filtered data for each user. This way, data is isolated so the right people see the right information.

Tableau is committed to your success and we offer a variety of open-source resources—including sample code, Python packages, widgets, and a mobile app template. Not to mention, the world’s most passionate data community and top-notch Tableau support to help you as you develop and deploy embedded analytics in your applications.

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