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The events of 2020 catalyzed a change in how people think about issues of community, equity, health, and wellness at work. On their path to a new way of life, people need easy access to data for a common understanding of what the future holds for themselves, their companies, and the economy. The data visualizations below reflect survey results from a series of Momentive polls collected weekly representing more than 2 million people across the US.

What about vaccinating children?

With more than half of the US adult population vaccinated against COVID-19, the next question on everyone’s mind is: what about children? This data discovery captures how parents’ opinions about vaccination are changing.

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Is there a D.E.I. disconnect within US companies?

In late June 2021, Momentive conducted a public opinion survey of 6,725 workers across the US to gather their impressions of D.E.I. initiatives within a company driving company success, disaggregated by a series of demographics including age, race, gender, job level, education, and other categories. What emerged in the results highlight a D.E.I. disconnect - the gaps in perceptions of D.E.I. and of workers’ impressions of the value of D.E.I. initiatives to their business and the experiences of employees across different demographics.

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What are the mask wearing trends?

This data viz shows the prevalence of mask wearing in different scenarios: while grocery shopping, while exercising outside, while visiting with family and friends, and while working at the workplace. See what behaviors have changed over time as vaccinations have rolled out and restrictions lifted.

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