Advanced Management for Tableau Cloud

Evan Slotnick, Product Management Director, Tableau
Sterling Winter, Associate Product Marketing Manager

Advanced Management for Tableau Cloud makes it easy to manage, secure, and scale mission-critical Tableau Cloud deployments. With Advanced Management for Tableau Cloud, you can proactively support the growth of your business, save time by simplifying management processes, and empower everyone at your organization to make smarter decisions with relevant data. 

In this paper, we'll cover how Advanced Management for Tableau Cloud helps you: 

  • Understand your environment 
  • Manage content at scale 
  • Enhance security
  • Scale for your enterprise


Confidently start or expand your analytics deployment

Organizations everywhere are striving to be more data-driven. In every industry companies are sitting on a wealth of data and many are still trying to make sense of it all. Luckily, Tableau makes it easy to see and understand your data, however, once you’ve analyzed your data, you still need a vehicle to deliver insights and empower your people to make decisions with relevant data. That’s where Tableau Cloud comes in. Tableau Cloud is a fully-hosted, cloud-based, enterprise-grade solution on the world's #1 analytics platform. 

As Tableau usage spreads across departments and serves more users and use cases, Tableau Cloud becomes an application that IT begins to oversee and govern. To support Tableau as an enterprise-wide solution, additional governance, security, and capacity is often required. 

With Advanced Management for Tableau Cloud, administrators can understand their environment, streamline management tasks, meet organizational security requirements, and handle larger data volumes. Advanced Management brings together manageability, security, and scalability capabilities that aid customers in their journey to become data-driven organizations with Tableau Cloud.  

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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About the authors

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Evan Slotnick

Product Management Director, Tableau

Evan Slotnick is a Product Management Director focusing on Tableau Cloud. His mission is to enable enterprises to be successful in their adoption and usage of our SaaS product. Before joining the Dev Team and moving to Seattle, Evan was a Senior Product Consultant based in the Washington, DC office. He was helping customers from all over the world in their Tableau journey. Prior to that, he worked in competitive intelligence and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.

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Sterling Winter

Associate Product Marketing Manager

Sterling joined the Tableau Marketing team as an Associate Product Marketing Manager in April 2022. Prior to this role, Sterling spent two years as an Associate Solution Engineer supporting customers as they leveraged Tableau to see and understand their data. Before Tableau, Sterling worked in Olympic sports after studying sports management at The Ohio State University.