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Tableau Data Management Demo

The Tableau Data Management Add-On enables the consistent delivery of data across your organisation, no matter its size or complexity. From data preparation to cataloging, search and governance, Tableau Data Management helps your organisation ensure trusted and analysis-ready data is being used to drive decisions.

If you're looking to...

  • Save time preparing your data
  • Increase visibility and control to drive your data environment
  • Be confident the right data is being used for analysis
  • Ensure a seamless end-to-end analytics experience
  • Automate data management at scale

Then this webinar is for you.

Watch now to learn more on how Tableau's Data Management Add-on can help you ensure trust, discoverability, integration and scale your data needs with Tableau Prep Conductor & Catalog features.

About the speaker


Olga Kolcheva

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau Software

During my career I explored various opportunities: I started in Financial Reporting, moved to Data Warehouse development and ETL and then to BI consulting. The common thread across all those career steps was process automation and better use of data.
While working with data I could see processes that I was not part of, I could find unexpected dependencies and improve those processes through it. Properly prepared and processed data is an x-ray of your business process and I find it most fascinating.

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