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The Price is Right: The Art of Visualizing Finance Data

Visualize your financial data

In over your head with rows and rows of financial spreadsheets? As useful as spreadsheets can be, there are ways to visualize data that can improve analysis and save significant amounts of time.

This webinar is a basic hands-on session for finance professionals led by our own Tableau finance team. We will explore the importance of visualizing finance data and showcase how we use our product to crunch the numbers. Expect to learn how to combine actuals from your general ledger with forecasts and budgets within Tableau (when they’re likely originating from different places and stored at different levels of detail), and how to create depreciation/amortization schedules when Tableau doesn’t have a built-in “dates” data source.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of visual finance analytics
  • Actuals vs. Budgets/Forecasts
  • Building an Income Statement
  • Depreciation/Amortization Schedules

Download the slides, starter workbooks and sample spreadsheets used in the webinar below!
Webinar Asset Files: Price Is Right - Finance Analytics.zip

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About the speakers


Mike Crook

Director of Finance Data Office, Salesforce + Tableau

Mike spent four years as a software developer supporting financial & management systems before moving into a number of different IT management roles. In 2001, he moved into his first “data analytics” role and luckily discovered Tableau Desktop in 2007. This discovery changed his career. Mike joined Tableau as the first IT Finance Manager in late 2011 and in 2015, he took on a new role as the Senior Manager of Analytics to enable everyone at Tableau to use Tableau. In 2016, he moved back into Finance to lead Finance Analytics. Now he is the Director of the Finance Data Office at Salesforce driving Data Strategy, Governance and Analytics across the entire Finance organization (which includes Tableau). He’s excited to share how anyone, but specifically finance professionals, can use Tableau to see and understand their own data.


Ashlyn Opgrande

Finance Analytics Analyst

Ashlyn Opgrande is a Data Analyst for the Finance Department at Tableau, where she uses Tableau to help internal employees see and understand their Financial data. She started at Tableau as a Product Consultant Intern in 2016, and from there grew into her current full time role. Ashlyn works in the Tableau Product nearly every day to create insightful dashboards for the company, as well as maintaining and creating new ways to collect data for analysis.

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