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Hope and Change at Piedmont Healthcare

This webinar will discuss how healthcare organizations can leverage data already being captured to deploy business intelligence, analytics, and visual dashboards to accomplish financial, clinical, and patient-care objectives. Drawing from real-world experiences at Piedmont Healthcare, Mark Jackson will discuss how they successfully implemented an effective business intelligence platform, along with the challenges and benefits. He’ll also share many of the cool dashboards his team developed along the way.

Attend this webinar to see how Piedmont monitors:

  • Hospital statistics
  • Social media
  • Readmissions
  • Physician scorecards
  • Clinical analytics
  • Patient Thought

Hear how they are now transforming the culture from one where data lagged by months, which caused many decisions to be made on gut feel, to one where data is always at their fingertips. Learn how they've engaged people at all levels within every entity and almost every department. Attendees will learn how to champion data-driven decision making through political opposition and learn helpful tips on how to build a BI program from the ground up.

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Featured Speaker:
Mark Jackson, Business Intelligence Manager, Piedmont Healthcare

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