Subscribe to events in Tableau, then capture them in your app or trigger custom workflows.

Tableau Server, Tableau Cloud

Supported By: Tableau Server 2019.4 & Tableau Cloud

Webhooks are a common method whereby one computer system can notify another that an event has occurred. Webhooks use standard web technologies such as HTTP and JSON.

Webhooks in Tableau enable you to subscribe to events which, when triggered, send an HTTP POST notification to the URL of your choice.


Examples of automated workflows you can build:

  • When an extract refresh fails, automatically file a ticket in ServiceNow.
  • When a workbook is updated, notify your team Slack channel.
  • When a data source is published, email a data steward asking them to review and certify it.
  • When a workbook refresh completes successfully, generate a PDF and post it to SharePoint.


Get automatic notifications of Tableau events to your external application or workflow.

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