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Fuel your organization's Data Culture transformation with a data community

For organizations creating a Data Culture, data and analytics communities provide spaces for individuals to come together and reinforce shared values and behaviors, sparking the energy and support that is necessary to tip the scales and make cultural change stick.

Evangelize and inspire a new data mindset

Imagine if your people used data because they wanted to— not because they had to. Data communities give people dedicated space and time to share their stories. As a result, perceptions change and people start to associate data with improvement, success, and growth.

Nurture a more data literate, confident workforce

Everyone faces obstacles when learning something new. But data communities turn those obstacles into opportunities, giving novices a place to practice using data—all while supported by experts who offer empathic guidance and lead by example.

Uncover solutions and opportunities to innovate

Most problems worth solving with data aren’t limited to a single team or line of business. Data communities break down organizational silos, sparking ideas and fostering relationships that lead to cross-functional collaboration.

71% more respondents from organizations with enterprise-wide Data Cultures said activities that fostered data and analytics communities were very/extremely successful compared to their peers in data-aware organizations.

IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Tableau, Why You Should Care About Data Culture, April 2020.

Hear from customers leading successful data and analytics communities

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It isn’t just our analysts who are data champions. We have a concept called ‘positive deviance,’ which celebrates people using data in a positive way. Those people will then be actively pushing their peers, asking them to do the same.


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Users want to see each other succeed. On [our] community page, people will ask Tableau questions, and you'll immediately see one of the other, more experienced users answering


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The value of Tableau has been really igniting and bringing together our community [...] providing an avenue for them to work together in a way they weren’t able to do before.


Introducing the Data Leadership Collaborative

This new peer-to-peer community brings together like-minded leaders to teach, learn and help each other succeed in building a thriving data culture.

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For businesses wanting to keep their people active, engaged, and innovating with their colleagues, data communities are a sound investment.

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Learn why becoming data-driven comes down to culture

What is Data Culture really—and why does it matter? Go deeper into what makes Data Culture the missing link to thriving in the data era.

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We’ve brought together best practices and examples from our most successful customers to help you see how it’s done.

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