Time to Vote! Mobile Edition Entries

Wow, these entries are too hot for our phones to handle! We're always amazed by how beautiful, inventive, informative, and down-right cool Iron Viz entries are, and this contest is no exception!

This post officially launches the Iron Viz: Mobile Edition voting period for the Crowd-Favorite Award, which comes with a prize of $500!

Use the Twitter buttons and hashtags below to cast your vote. We will be counting distinct tweets for each contestant, so you only need to vote once for your favourite contestants. Voting will stay open until 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, 25 September.

Meanwhile, the Tableau team will be judging each entry on design, storytelling, analysis, and overall appeal to pick the main-prize winner. And that winner will go on to take the stage at TC16 in Austin to compete in the Iron Viz competition.

The winners for both the Crowd-Favorite Award and the main prize will be announced on Monday, 26 September!

So what are you waiting for? Start voting!

Rody Zakovich - Atlantic Hurricanes 1950-2014

Ted Conway - Baby Names: The Class of 2015

Jane Crofts - The Official Unofficial DATA16 Directory

Adam Crahen - New Rat City #IronViz

Pablo Saenz de Tejada - Global Terrorism: Terrorist attacks from 1970 to 2015

Sean Miller - Guardian's 1000 Songs to Hear Before You Die

Ben Sullins - San Diego Fire Department Calls Analysis

Rody Zakovich - Florida State Seminoles : The Comeback Kids

Allan Walker - Ironviz16

Eric Brown - The U.S. Open [Tennis]: Prize Trends

Peter Gilks - Record Breaking Coasters

Brad Wheeler - Fast Food Fight!

Merlijn Buit - Infotopics Tour de France

Andy Klatt - Fact Check: Trump vs. Hillary

Curtis Harris - The History of the Single Season Home Run Record

Curtis Harris - Thriving, Dying, or Just Getting Started

Dustin Cabral - Austin Pub Crawler

Nicco Cirone - The ice is melting

Aaron Dentler - Geography & Purchasing Power

Aaron Dentler - 2016 BART Use

Corey Jones - 2016 Summer Recap

Craig Dewar - CraigsBet - Which Horse would you punt on?

Timothy Vermeiren - The Mobilization of Civilization

Ann Jackson - Growing Economies of Asia

Carl Allchin - Carl's Cycling Tracker

Pooja Gandhi - Volcanic Eruptions (1914-2015)

Lorna Ede - Krispy Kreme Kafe & Gym

Michael Cisneros - My Heart(Beat) Belongs to Soccer

Suraj Shah - Fallen Giants

Chris Love - Netflix UK Movie Finder

Julian Winceslaus - The Fast and The Curious

Suraj Shah - FRIENDS

Emily Chen - Explore the World's UNESCO Sites

Rashmi Gautam - Silicon Valley Real Estate Market

Chloe Tseng - #Data16

Maggie Faber - Board Game RecommEngine

Luke Stanke - Which NFL Ticket it Hottest?

George Gorczynski - Global Price and Salary Comparison App

Adam Crahen - 21 Pilots

Sivin Duong - FDA Adverse Event Dashboard

Ted Conway - 2015 Chicago Marathon

Jacob Olsufka - MLB Analytics

Steve Fenn - Salaries vs Results in Major League Baseball 1991-Present