Become a Tableau Jedi (or, How to Earn a Lightsaber) #TCC12

Have you been longing to attend the 2012 Tableau Customer Conference in San Diego, but think you already know enough about Tableau? Maybe you’ve attended the conference in the past and wonder what more could Tableau offer to help you become a better analyst, consultant, or story teller? If you’re nodding your head yes to these questions, read on.

2012 Customer Conference Jedi Tips and Tricks has long been a favorite session at the Tableau Customer Conference. During this one hour session, I run through a variety of quick methods to enhance your mastery of Tableau through advanced chart types, workarounds, calculations, and combinations of features you’ve never thought possible. Each year we get a bigger room. Each year the walls, floor and aisles are packed with eager customers that couldn’t find a seat. This year will be different.

Instead of trying to pack all the Jedi wisdom into a single one hour session, we have expanded our Jedi offering into an entire track of sessions. That’s right, a full 10 hours of learning at the Jedi level. “How can this be?” you ask, “Isn’t there but 1 true Tableau Jedi Grand Master?” Well, San Diego is a beautiful place and I have had no trouble recruiting a handful of other Jedi Masters from within Tableau. Each of these individuals has been selected based on their wealth of expertise and willingness to share their wisdom and secrets. For example, do you ever wonder about Tableau’s Fast Data Engine? What makes it so fast? What can Tableau do to make it faster? What can I do to make it faster? To answer these questions and more, Tableau’s own Richard Wesley – one of the architects and developers of the Fast Data Engine – will share the theory behind the data engine and practical ways you can take advantage of this knowledge to make your analysis even faster. Are you already an expert in Table Calculations but want to learn more? Ross Bunker, the inventor and creator of Table Calculations (aka a true Jedi Grand Master) will provide a rare glimpse into how Tableau Calcs work and how to best leverage their power. Your future lightsaber

These sessions are in-depth and delivered directly by the inventors themselves to provide you the extra knowledge and insight that will put you on the path to earning your lightsaber. Topics like Optimizing Calculations, Mark Types and the coming Layout capabilities; the theory behind Table Calculations, Mastering Filters, Performance related topics, and the Fast Data Engine will transform you from a Jedi Knight to Jedi Master.

Join me as we delve deep into Tableau and emerge from the conference enlightened, educated and ready to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead. Make this the year you join the ranks of the Tableau Jedi – find more about the Jedi track here along with over 130 other sessions for customers of all Tableau skill levels at the 2012 Customer Conference.

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