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Десять главных тенденций 2017 года в области работы с большими данными

2016 год стал переломным для больших данных: еще больше организаций научились хранить и обрабатывать данные самого разного формата и объема и получать на их основе ценную информацию. В 2017 году...

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10 основных тенденций развития бизнес-аналитики в 2017 году

За последние годы данные стали одним из главных ресурсов для бизнеса. Компании, научившиеся эффективно обрабатывать данные и предоставлять полученную информацию корпоративным пользователям, получили...


“Data culture eats data strategy for breakfast” has become a popular saying among data and analytics managers and executives: Even the best data strategy cannot fulfill its potential if the data...

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Citizens & Government: Strengthening the Relationship with Data

As digital citizen services have become the new imperative for government, data is the key to improving the way government organizations operate and deliver for their citizens, especially in times of...

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Putting Data to Work for the Public Sector

The appetite for data has tremendously increased and data insights are becoming the norm. The ability to make strategic decisions backed by data has never been more important. Learn how Tableau...

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Enhancing Public Service Delivery with Modern Cloud Analytics

The public sector is always being asked to “do more with less”.   In this time of global belt-tightening with growing pressures on essential services such as education, health and social care...

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Improving Resilience in Manufacturing with Modern Cloud Analytics

Manufacturers are facing a time of unprecedented challenges. Global supply chains are being stressed and It’s becoming harder and harder to remain competitive. “Manufacturers need to make...

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Enhancing Data Empowerment in Financial Services with Modern Cloud Analytics

Financial services is the backbone to the economy and data is central to its operations.“The competitive edge from data comes from the ability to digest insights from data and serve back in the...

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How Salesforce Uses Tableau for Marketing Analytics

Marketing teams are under the constant pressure to grow a customer base and increase profitability. They have also been forced to cut budgets, prove the ROI of every channel and campaign, and be even...

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Improving HHS Service Delivery for Resilient Communities

COVID-19 delivered a host of new challenges to the health and human services (HHS) industry while intensifying existing ones. Amid all the upheaval, one thing became clear: Using analytics to gain...