Whether you're a hardcore analyst, non-technical business user, on-the-go executive, or an enterprise organisation looking to scale self-service analytics to all of your employees, this webinar collection of expert presentations and customer stories will help you to get more out of your data with Tableau.

Feature | Leading Through Change

Watch this webinar with our sales, finance, marketing, HR, and customer success leaders to learn how we are using our products internally to support our business, our customers, and the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Check out our collection of webinars dedicated to helping analysts discover even more insights from their data. Learn how to clean and prepare your data with Tableau Prep before discovering how Tableau enables you to translate data through advanced analytics to achieve business outcomes.

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Enterprise Analytics Powered by IT

Learn how your IT organisation can lead the transformation to self-service analytics. These webinars will discuss how IT can empower thousands of users with secure and governed data to make strategic decisions that drive the business forward.


Embedded Analytics

Imagine giving your customers access to powerful analytics, all from within your own application or product. In these webinars you'll learn how data-driven businesses are creating significant value for their customers by embedding real-time analytics into their own products, before learning how your organisation can do the same.

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Marketing Analytics

Let's be honest, marketers are no strangers to data. Watch these webinars to discover how your marketing team can connect to your technology stack (Google Analytics, Salesforce, Eloqua, Facebook, plus more) and combine all of your data to drive more traffic, leads and likes.

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Finance Analytics

In these webinars you'll learn why so many finance teams rely on the visual analytics power of Tableau to provide fast, accurate financial analysis and reporting. Learn how to combine all of your financial data, helping leaders make data-driven decisions that drive the bottom-line.


Sales Analytics

In sales, the right data and analytics tools can play a key role in helping help you exceed your quota. Discover how Tableau empowers every salesperson to make a greater impact with their CRM data, enabling you to quickly identify promising prospects, forecast accurately and ultimately close more deals.


IT Analytics

Learn how Tableau can help you connect disparate IT sources of data so you can manage, monitor, and maintain the many platforms in your organisation. These webinars will explore how you can centrally manage all of your infrastructure, whether it exists in the cloud, in applications, in log files, or in traditional databases.

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