Five Dashboards Improving Student Achievement

The state of education continues to be one of the most notable challenges citizens and educators in the United States face today. Despite recent incremental improvements in the national dropout rate, a new global education survey ranks American K-12 performance much lower than its international counterparts in math, reading and science. In fact, this significant drop in academic achievement ranks U.S. students 36th against their global peers. There is still much work to be done, and data insights are essential to unlocking progress.

For each individual child entering kindergarten, the propensity for academic achievement and ultimately graduating from high school is no pass-fail scenario, but rather is influenced by a delicate series of circumstances and events that depend on a myriad of factors.

What district are they educated in, and what is the socioeconomic profile of the area? Which school buildings will they take classes in, and how large is their class? Will their principal make impactful changes with the allocated budget? Do their teachers have sufficient resources to academically grow all of their students regardless of various learning disabilities and behavioral issues?

With every student’s potential living at the center of their own unique equation, data insights are becoming essential for the many leaders, educators and influencers to take action for change.

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