Analytics in the Cloud: An EMA Report

John Myers, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates

Cloud-based analytics and BI strategies are more important to businesses than ever. To determine the status of Analytics and Business Intelligence in the Cloud, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) embarked on an end-user research study to look at the current pain points and trends of cloud-based analytics. Technologists and business stakeholders alike share their important experiences and findings for current self-service Cloud-based applications. This research highlights specific cases where you’ll learn more about the newest insights for cloud-based analytics including:

  • Best practices for speed of implementation and infrastructure
  • Budget allocation for BI tools throughout the organization
  • Departmental demographics: Marketing, Sales, Human Resources
  • Importance of security in the self-service space
  • Maturing features and functions of Cloud-Based applications

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Cloud-based applications have been mainstream since Salesforce.com brought customer relationship management to the masses in the 2000s. Cloud implementations had the advantage of providing faster time to provisioning and a significantly different cost structure from traditional software implementations based on on-premises installations. However, analytics and business intelligence in the cloud were slower to reach widespread acceptance. First, analytical and business intelligence applications have different data schema implementations from traditional operational applications. These applications can be uniquely configured for individual organizations and are often more difficult to implement on a mass basis than they might be for an operational system.

To determine the status of Analytics and Business Intelligence in the Cloud, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) embarked on an end-user research study to look at the current state of cloud-based analytics. For this research, EMA invited pre-qualified business stakeholders and information technology professionals to complete an extensive web-based survey. As part of the survey, 257 panelists responded to an invitation to provide their insights on cloud-based analytics and business intelligence strategies and implementation practices. To offer a neutral enterprise view, the respondent pool was also balanced. Business stakeholders represented 44% of respondents. Technologists were 56% of the panel. The survey was executed in November 2014 with respondents from around the world including North America and Europe.

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Sobre o autor


John Myers

Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates

During his professional career, John has spent over 10 years working with business analytics implementations associated with the telecommunications industry. In this role, John has worked on reducing the complexity of the flood of data associated with the augmented role of telecommunications on everyday activities, including increased importance of smartphone and tablet applications; emerging role of over the top (OTT) video content (IPTV); and potential of machine to machine (M2M) connectivity for smart grids. John was recognized as a key component of the TeleManagement Forum's (TMForum) work on analytics-based content distribution as part of the TMForum's Content Encounter applied solution demonstration series in 2009.

John's passions are rooted in analytics associated with the events of business process and the behavioral events of people to provide knowledge on various business models. He brings over fifteen years of experience to every client interaction.