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Empower Relationship Managers to Drive Winning Client Interactions with Salesforce Analytics

Today’s sales and relationship managers and leadership need smarter insights in order to close business faster — and those come in the form of clear, descriptive dashboards with a unified view of your customers. Salesforce Analytics helps your sales teams visualize sales metrics and opportunities, provide predictions about the future, and guide sales teams to their next best action to improve business outcomes.

Now how do you get started? Join Salesforce and Atrium for an extensive look at getting started with Salesforce Analytics. We'll share a demo, best practices, how to get your teams enabled, and how to get up and running.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trends in descriptive/predictive analytics
  • Common use cases… and a live demo!
  • Enablement resources to get you started
  • How to advance your analytics journey

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