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Visualizing Big Data at Wells Fargo

The Human Resources team at Wells Fargo uses real time reporting to deliver, track and train 130,000 employees while managing millions of hours of training materials across multiple divisions. Watch this on-demand case study to hear how Wells Fargo successfully streamlined their report sharing process. Also hear how they were able to spend less time distributing reports and more time analyzing the data to find new insights.

You will learn how you can use big data to:

  • Forecast and monitor hiring
  • Oversee learning and development courses
  • Track content quality, gaps and redundancies
  • Efficiently and effectively distribute insights to key stakeholders

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John St John, Wells Fargo

John St John is the head of analytics and metrics for Wells Fargo Consumer Lending Learning and Development. He manages the reporting data, analysis and organization of nearly 150,000 team members, their reporting structure, their performance and millions of hours of training content reporting per year. John has a background in science and applied math with a PhD in physical chemistry. Prior to joining the team at Wells Fargo he was the head of R&D at a medical device company and before that a university professor of chemistry and biomedical engineering. John has always found the presentation and distillation of large data to be exciting and he has loved the challenge of translating massive data sets into meaningful, actionable information for a talented team of non-scientists.

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