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Visualise Music Patterns with Data

Hey Data Rockstars! Want to see how powerful and creative Tableau is at decoding music data from The Beatles into melodic patterns?

Watch this webinar with Tableau Visionary Adam McCann to learn how visual analytics can bring to life the patterns encoded in music. Adam with teach you how to visualise lyrical structures, song patterns and chord progression all using data behind global superstars The Beatles.

Discover how to use Tableau to decode patterns in music such as:

  • Song Attributes. See which Beatles songs are most similar based on Euclidean Distance analysis
  • Lyrical Structure. Learn how to analyse unstructured data patterns in lyrics with NLP
  • Songwriting and Personnel. Unlock patterns that chart the Beatles' evolution as artists

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Adam McCann

Director of Analytics, KeyMe

Adam McCann is currently the Director of Analytics at KeyMe. He is a data scientist specializing in predictive analytics, data mining, and data visualization. On his blog DuelingData.com Adam posts on topics ranging from data art to data science all in Tableau. Mr. McCann also teaches an information visualization course at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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