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Top 10 Cloud Trends for 2017 - EMEA

In 2016, cloud technologies went mainstream. But with maturity came the realization that moving to the cloud doesn’t happen overnight. As the shift to cloud progresses, we’re exploring the newest trends for cloud technology for the upcoming year.

In this webinar you’ll learn more about:

  • Emerging global trends in cloud and cloud analytics
  • Tableau experts' take on the changing cloud landscape
  • Considerations for your 2017 cloud strategy

Tune in to submit questions during the live Q&A with our panelists.

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Sobre os palestrantes


Ashley Kramer

Ashley leads the cloud vision and strategy for Tableau. She is responsible for Tableau’s multi-faceted cloud strategy which includes Tableau Online, running Tableau Server on cloud platforms, and connecting to cloud data. Ashley also manages Tableau’s cloud technology partnerships including AWS, Google, and Informatica. Prior to Tableau, Ashley was a Software Engineer for NASA and Oracle before transitioning into product roles at Amazon and Tableau. Ashley holds a BS in Computer Science and an MSBA in Computer Information Systems.


Marshall Daly

Cloud Data Evangelist, Tableau Software

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