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Tableau on Tableau for Finance Departments

You've got the data, but how are you leveraging it?

Finance departments have many moving parts: accounting, treasury, risk management, capital investments, payables and receivables—not to mention ever-changing enterprise demands. Data gets created at every turn, but it often stays in silos, limited in its utility.

Mike Crook, Director of Finance Analytics at Salesforce/Tableau shows how he leverages Tableau to make actionable decisions. Mike will:

  • Walk you through Tableau's digital transformation journey
  • Show you how you can quickly use Tableau to gain insights into your financial data no matter what industry you are in
  • Explore examples of dashboards ranging from executive & board reporting to banking and T&E analysis.


About the speaker


Mike Crook

Director, Finance Data Office at Salesforce

Mike spent four years as a developer supporting financial & management systems before moving into a number of different IT management roles. In 2001, he moved into his first “data analytics” role and luckily discovered Tableau Desktop in 2007. This discovery changed his career. Mike joined Tableau as the first IT Finance Manager in late 2011 and in 2015, he took on a new role as the senior manager of analytics to enable everyone at Tableau to use Tableau. Now he is the Director of the Finance Data Office at Salesforce where he drives the data strategy, governance, and analytics for Finance across Salesforce and all of its companies (including Tableau).

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