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Tableau Conference: Why data enthusiasts return year after year

Learn as much as your brain (and your heart) can hold this fall at Tableau Conference (TC18) in New Orleans, October 22-25. With keynotes, breakout sessions, hands-on trainings, networking meetups, parties, and more there are lots of opportunities to master new skills when you attend.

But maybe you're not sure if it's right for you?

Watch this panel-style webinar where we talk to a few past Tableau Conference attendees, and get their perspective on why #TC18 will be unlike any other business analytics conference.

Hear firsthand how you too can experience the contagious atmosphere of a culture that doesn’t just love the power of data—we live it.

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Ready to register for TC18? Visit the Tableau conference website and save $200 off full conference price when you register by July 13th.

About the speakers


Ben Jones

Director of Global Outreach Programs, Tableau

Ben is a mechanical engineering (UCLA, 2000) and business, entrepreneurship (California Lutheran University, 2011) graduate working for Tableau Software directing the Tableau Public and Academic Programs teams. HE is also the author of Communicating Data With Tableau (O’Reilly, 2014) and teaches data visualization theory at the University of Washington’s Professional and Continuing Education department. He blogs about data visualization at dataremixed.com and you can find him on Twitter @DataRemixed.


Ann Jackson

Analytics Evangelist, Jackson Two

Ann Jackson is a Tableau Visionary and the founder and chief Analytics Evangelist at Jackson Two, a firm focused on data visualization and analytics. By day she spends her time partnering with data extractors and business users to unlock answers within their data. Outside of work she leads the Phoenix Tableau User Group, loves contributing to global community initiatives like #MakeoverMonday and #WorkoutWednesday, and stays active through blogging and Twitter. Ann is known for her clean and highly analytical visualizations, commitment to the community, and infinite energy and optimism around all things data and Tableau.


Brian Graves

Director of Business Information Systems at Esler Companies

Brian Graves is an IT Director and loves helping people with data. With more than 15 years of consulting and leadership experience across non-profit, small business, and large enterprise organizations, Brian has applied his unique blend of technical skills and analytical thinking to solve real business problems and drive lasting business results with data.

Brian has been using Tableau since 2015 and discovered it after being frustrated by clunky and hard to use data analytics tools. He concentrates on building business and marketing dashboards to help coworkers, colleagues, and fellow Tableau Community members work with data more efficiently and effectively.

Brian writes in depth articles and step-by-step data analytics guides on his website, newprediction.com and shares new data visualization projects on Twitter @newprediction.


Bridget Cogley

Tableau Visionary & Social Ambassador

Interpreter turned analyst, Bridget sees Tableau dashboard design as a form of visual communication. After working for a startup and helping it mature to a national business, she decided to take those skills to the market and help other businesses use data differently. She works at Teknion Data Solutions and applies her knowledge of everything from HR, IT, and process improvement to help clients reach their full potential in Tableau.

Bridget starting using Tableau in 2010 and hasn't looked back since. Her focus is combining sign language linguistics with data visualization for elegant dashboards. As a Tableau Visionary and leader in the community, Bridget is passionate about helping others understand how to use Tableau to turn meaningful analysis into beautiful and engaging stories. She blogs frequently at tableaufit.com.

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