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Bringing Hadoop to an Analyst's Fingertips

The first users of Hadoop were undoubtedly highly technical. One of the disadvantages of most open source software is that it requires a group of skilled technologists to be able to leverage it effectively and allow an organization to reap the business benefits from the software. However, as working with or “wrangling” data of all shapes and sizes continues to become a central aspect of the work of more individuals, empowering a diverse range of users to effectively leverage the agility and scale of Hadoop for analysis will drive competitive advantages for many businesses.

In this session, we'll discuss what’s required to bring Hadoop to a wide-range of business users, ranging from line-of-business stakeholders to business analysts.

What You'll Learn

Watch this webinar from Trifacta and Tableau to learn how to empower your analyst team with the agility and scale of Hadoop for exploratory analytics. You will learn:

  • How to empower analysts to productively work with data in Hadoop
  • How self-service data wrangling and visualization complement the analysis process
  • How to enable existing data visualization tools to run at scale on Hadoop

Learn more about how Tableau and Hadoop can change your business

Want to learn more about how Tableau and Hadoop can work together? To find more case studies, user stories, news and info, visit our Hadoop resource page.

Sobre os palestrantes

Will Davis

Director of Product Marketing, Trifacta

Marc Lobree

Product Consultant, Tableau Software

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