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Massachusetts General Hospital: Enabling Continuous Quality Improvement with Data

In this live Health Data Management webinar, learn how Massachusetts General Hospital’s Quality and Safety Operations Department delivers insightful performance data to drive continuous quality improvement. You will also see how clinicians and staff are able to quickly and effectively benchmark themselves against national quality and safety standards using interactive, actionable dashboards.

See how executive and clinician visibility to high impact metrics has helped MGH excel in a number of rankings, publicly reported quality measures, and pay for performance programs.

View this 60-minute webinar and learn:

  • How to leverage data to support quality management and improvement at your organization.
  • Strategies to develop high impact reports and maintain their relevance over time.
  • The analytics driven approach adopted by MGH to drive measurable improvement in key quality & safety areas including readmissions, infections and clinical process of care.

This webinar will review how visual reporting methods have saved hundreds of hours of analyst time previously invested in answering routine questions, to more sophisticated and high impact analytics initiatives. It will also show how new reporting methods have fundamentally transformed the paradigm of collaboration between the analysts and their stakeholders.

Learn more about our Achieving Operational Excellence in Healthcare webinar series.

About the speaker


Andrea Tull, PhD

Director Reporting & Analytics, Massachusetts General Hospital

Andrea Tull leads the analytics team within the MGH Edward P Lawrence Center for Quality & Safety, where she manages strategic & regulatory quality reporting, mines data for improvement opportunities and collaborates with clinical leaders to improve performance. She directs a team of 10 analysts and clinical measurement experts, with a portfolio of over 300 quality measures and $60million in pay for performance. Her interests include reducing health disparities, leveraging the electronic health record for quality improvement, maximizing the value of care for patients and visualizing data for performance improvement.

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