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Looking beyond the license cost: A model for measuring Tableau’s ROI

The Total Economic Impact of Tableau

Modern Analytics platforms have transformed how organisations and individuals interact with data. But the increased importance of bringing data to every member of a company brings scrutiny. How do you measure the success of an analytics initiative? What ROI should you expect?

Yes, the power of analytics insights resides in the business - but IT and the business often have different ways of evaluating whether a technology platform is valuable. Tableau has commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study of the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Tableau. The resulting research paper shows how Tableau customers are recognising ROI over 500% and paying back their investments in under 3 months through improved decision making and operational savings.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to evaluate analytics initiatives as a strategic objective, not a cost centre.
  • What customers are saying about their operational savings and benefits from accelerated and improved decision making after adopting Tableau.
  • The best framework for evaluating the total economic impact of Tableau in your organisation.

This is part of the Generate value with analytics webinar series.
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About the speakers


Dean Davison

Principal Consultant, Forrester

Dean has extensive experience in the buy side of technology, advising customers in purchasing and implementing solutions, including interacting with CIOs on six continents. His experience also includes sell-side work in sales-focused marketing functions such as pricing strategy, competitive intelligence, product marketing, customer insights, and market analysis. He has interviewed hundreds of executives to understand the how they benefit and quantify value from product and solution partners.


Charles Schaefer

Market Intelligence, Tableau

With nearly a decade of experience at Tableau, Charles' expertise spans the rapidly evolving business intelligence and analytics market, as well as the competitive and product positioning strategy for the Tableau platform. He works closely across sales, marketing and product management teams to drive the competitive strategy for Tableau’s growing product portfolio. Prior to joining Tableau, he saw the power of the product first-hand as an analyst and researcher.


About the research

Tableau partnered with Forrester to produce a Total Economic Impact study of the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Tableau. The resulting research paper outlines how Tableau customers are recognizing ROI in excess of 500% and paying back their investments in less than 3 months through a combination of improved decision making and operational savings.

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