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Increasing customer engagement using the internet of things

As brick and mortar stores are continually facing competition from an increasing variety of online channels, it is more vital than ever to understand your customers’ patterns and behaviors. To that end, retailers have begun leveraging their valuable real estate and empowering store and regional managers with data when and where they need it most, on the store floor.

MiNODES develops analytics to help retailers understand offline customer behavior. By installing sensors in retail shops, MiNODES is able to collect and analyze data around how consumers move inside a store, how much time they spend in certain areas, and how these areas can influence one another.

View this webinar if you’ve ever wondered:

  • How long do customers dwell in specific store sections?
  • Which areas should be incentivized?
  • How can visitor conversion and brand loyalty be improved?
  • Has the change in store design led to higher customer engagement?

See how to enable your retail managers with dashboards that optimize the placement of products, promotions, and people within your stores.


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Daniel Getejanc

Head of Business Intelligence, MiNODES

Daniel Getejanc is the Head of Business Intelligence at MiNODES GmbH. He and his team use Tableau to create actionable dashboards and analyses for retailers to understand consumer behavior in store. The dashboards and analyses are used to improve marketing activities, optimize store layouts and increase conversion rates into the store. Before joining MiNODES in 2016 Daniel was the Head of Business Intelligence at Fielmann Ventures GmbH and worked at the Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police and the University of Bern. He uses Tableau since 2013 and runs a blog on data visualization.

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