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Drive business change in High Tech with Visual Analytics

The amount of operational data generated by high-tech companies is growing faster than ever before. However, many organisations struggle to capitalise on this data to drive business impact. Data silos and the lack of employees with analytical skills can mean that insights go unnoticed.

Those who are succeeding in this new digital era have the ability to adapt quickly and transform business and operating models to meet changing customer demands. With fast performance and intuitive visualisations, Tableau empowers you to explore and understand high volumes of data in minutes—whether it’s a website clickstream or an infrastructure event log.

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  • Supercharge your speed to analysis through the use of augmented analytics
  • Empower everyone to drive real change with the power of data
  • Break down data silos and create a culture of rapid collaboration and decision making

About the speakers


Felicity Starr

Regional Sales Director, Business Services, HLS & HiTech, Tableau

Felicity is the Sales Director for Business Services, HLS and HiTech at Tableau. Felicity joined Tableau from Salesforce to enable people to unlock ideas and value through understanding data.


Abdi Abdullahi

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Abdi is a Solution Engineer at Tableau working in the UKI market. As a Solution Engineer he is responsible for helping our customers get started with Tableau so they can see and understand their data.

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