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Guided Analytics

You have learnt about actions and interactivity, but how do you truly implement a guided analytics approach where performance and user experience live in perfect harmony to provide best-in-class user experience? This session will empower you to combine numerous techniques aimed at beginner to intermediate users to create snappy and engaging dashboards that your users will love.

We will start by defining what is guided analytics and why it is important and we will then go through 5 dashboards examples that will cover how to implement some powerful dashboarding strategies: interactive filtering, expanding & collapsing content, how to handle big data with aggregated extracts and cross-database filtering.

This session is for Beginners to Intermediate users.

  • Newbie: No previous experience with Tableau
  • Beginners: Getting started with Tableau with >6 months experience
  • Intermediate: Existing solid working experience with Tableau with a deep understanding of all fundamental concepts of building worksheets and dashboards
  • Advanced: Existing advanced working experience with Tableau including ability to explore complex data visualisation challenges and a solid understanding of calculations

About the speakers


David Wheaton

Customer Success Manager @ Tableau  

David has been a Success Manager with Tableau for close to 3 years and focuses on guiding our customers in France and French-Speaking Switzerland in their day-to-day journey to develop their Data Culture. David joined Tableau the week that Tableau Blueprint was released to the world and has helped shape and evolve the framework since it's inception, so is well placed to discuss the key pillars of Analytics Strategy, Teams, Governance, Agility, Profiency and Community with you.


Tom Christian

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau  

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