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How Wealth Managers Can Grow AUM and Reduce Client Churn with AI-Powered Analytics

For wealth management advisors looking to grow AUM and reduce churn, you need a single analytics dashboard that gives you client insights and AI recommendations to guide smarter decision-making.

Watch this demo to see how the Tableau CRM wealth management advisor dashboard combines your customer CRM data with AI analytics—helping you see KPIs, cross-selling opportunities, client churn predictions, and recommended engagement actions all in a single view.

You’ll learn how to interact with your data to look for new opportunities with a high likelihood to succeed. Then use AI recommendations to take actionable steps directly in the dashboard, resulting in smarter client engagement and greater AUM.

Watch now to learn how you can:

  • See key client metrics in a single dashboard
  • Reduce client churn with smart analysis
  • Increase AUM using AI recommendations

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About the speaker


Stephanie Shaw

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau CRM

Stephanie Shaw loves Salesforce! An 11x certified Salesforce consultant, she has spent the past decade working directly with customers to transform their business. Her professional passion is when data and technology combine to positively impact and improve business process, executive strategy, and end-user/consumer experience.

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