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Understand the full power of your data with Visual Analytics for Financial Services

Financial services organisations around the globe are turning to data to help them manage risk, identify opportunities, build a foundation of trust and empower a culture of learning and sharing throughout their organisation.

In today's rapidly changing market, the road to recovery and growth requires a robust customer data strategy. Your customers generate rich data with every transaction and click. Understanding the full potential of this data, democratising technology and adopting a data-first mindset will determine your growth and success in the new normal.

Register your place to learn how Tableau can help you:

  • Provide optimal customer service with real insights
  • Leverage analytics to react faster to the needs of the market
  • Enable collaboration throughout the business using self-service analytics

About the speakers


Alan Davidson

RVP, Financial Services, Tableau

Alan is the RVP, Financial Services in the UK and Ireland at Tableau. Over the last four years, Alan has empowered Tableau’s financial services customers to transform their businesses by building data-driven cultures. Alan works closely with the world’s leading financial institutions, including global and UK-centric banks, insurers, payments processors and fintech companies, to ensure they thrive in the data era. In this rapidly changing world, people are turning to data to make decisions about the future. It is more important than ever to unleash natural curiosity and energy by equipping people with tools and empowering them with skills to get the most value out of their data. This is what drives Alan and his team at Tableau.


Marius Kaiser

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

Marius is a Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau where he helps people see and understand their data.

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