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Developing An Analytics Strategy: Why It Matters

Developing an analytics strategy can be tough for healthcare and life science organizations with complex data sets and a diverse range of clinical and administrative stakeholder. Join us for a webinar defining what an analytics strategy is and the importance it plays for healthcare and life science organizations professionals. We not only explain the importance of an analytics strategy but discuss how to get started with developing one.

In this webinar we cover:

  • What we mean by an analytics strategy
  • Whether or not various healthcare and life science organizations actually need one
  • Once you have a strategy what next steps to take.
  • The outcomes and results from defining an analytics strategy.

About the speakers


Greg Walklet

Customer Success Manager, Tableau

Greg Walklet joined Tableau after spending twelve years in Deloitte Consulting's healthcare practice, focusing on system implementations, operational performance improvement, and more recently data and analytics. His most recent role as the delivery lead for one of Deloitte's homegrown analytical solutions for healthcare providers opened his eyes to the importance of people and processes in realizing value from analytics...which is why he's such a big fan of Tableau's Blueprint!

Greg currently serves as the customer success manager for clients across the provider, payer, and life sciences industries.


Addison Neely

Customer Success Manager, Tableau

Addison has spent the past two years at Tableau enabling teams to see the transformative power of data when leveraged in an effective way. Prior to joining Tableau, she spent several years on Business Intelligence teams using analytics to consult internal and external customers on ways to improve business processes and overall customer experience. Having found success with customers embracing data and analytics, Addison is passionate about helping organizations materialize their vision of having a data-centric culture.

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