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Data Kids Music Webinar

Data Kids hosted a live hands-on lab! Check out this on-demand webinar for a fun, 45 minute, interactive session where we will introduce your kids to data with a presentation and music-inspired activity. All ages are welcome, but we especially recommend this webinar for kids ages 7-14.

Here’s a quick to-do list to ensure your kiddo(s) is set up for the webinar:

  1. Gather and download materials from the zip file.
  2. Print (or download) the activity guide

    We recommend only printing pages 1-6 as these are the pages we will be covering in the webinar. The content after page 6 is walking you step-by-step through the extra credit portion.
  3. Print the blank data grid and grab a writing utensil (or use a piece of paper to make your own)
  4. Grab a calculator and some colored pencils or markers
  5. Extra credit portion only: Download Tableau Public if you don’t have Tableau Desktop 
  6. Extra credit portion only: Download the Data Kids Music Excel Template

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