Urban Brand GmbH - Helping Parents with Everything the Stork DIDN'T Bring

Babies give parents a lot of things—joy, love, a new appreciation for a full night of sleep. But they also need a lot: diapers, baby food, baby shampoo and scads of other products that always seem to run out exactly when Mom and/or Dad are most exhausted.

The founders of Urban Brand GmbH realized that an e-commerce site that would sell and ship products parents need within a day or two would be a huge hit. And the company’s expansion to now three e-commerce sites (windeln.de, windeln.ch, and windelbar.de) suggests that they were really on to something.

None of the baby books ever cover how to fit all this stuff in your car.

Like any growing e-commerce company, Urban Brand GmbH wants to ensure it continues to make the right moves to keep its business thriving. From optimizing sales, to understanding customer interactions on-site and determining product pricing structures, Urban Brand GmbH wants to use its data to drive the right decisions.

So the company turned to Tableau to help see and understand its data.

According to Dr. Lucie Salwiczek, Data Scientist at Urban Brand GmbH, “Tableau dashboards provide a lot of flexibility, so you can provide a nice background, and still focus on a single detail. And with a dashboard, it's possible to stay in the overview, or also expand one part and analyze it in more detail. Since data doesn't mean anything out of context, it's good that the context is really accessible."

She says that Urban Brand GmbH is using Tableau to improve the quality of its data, speed insights and spark new questions.

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