and Tableau Software together create an Automotive Intelligence Platform

This supplies the company with comprehensive data regarding supply and demand. offers this data to car dealers and manufacturers, helping them to leverage their own pricing and to create additional demand.

The new, Tableau software-based "Automotive Intelligence Platform", created in collaboration with consulting partner M2. technology & project consulting GmbH, offers the following advantages:

  • Interactive reporting
  • Ease-of-use
  • Scalable and customer focused analyses

Manual Labor with Extensive Correction Loops

Until recently analyzed requests manually using Excel lists. This meant considerable effort, given the website has approximately 7 million visitors per month and the yearly transaction volume is in the double digit billions. In the past this resulted in 0.5 to 5 workdays of effort, depending on the task at hand. Now even short term and detailed analysis requests can be answered flexibly, without time-consuming feedback loops.

Our market data and the supplementing software help the automotive industry to sell cars more quickly and effectively. Offering new data products we are able to expand into a new business segment.

Competitive Edge through Expertise and Promptness

The comprehensive experience of M2. technology & project consulting GmbH in the implementation of Tableau and in the automotive sector enabled a quick recording of the specific market requirements and their implementation into an innovative solution. The Tableau solution drastically reduces the work effort, from days to a few hours. It is possible to change request parameters within minutes, providing short response times for short term changes.

Data Solution Enables Expansion into new Business Sector

The Tableau software-based reporting platform has been established as a new business sector. Through ease-of-use and efficient access to automotive data, combined with high request flexibility, the clients of receive important insights. For example, the value of car models develops depending on the particular trim line and this influences their ultimate sales price. This can now be perceived. The quota of utilization by automotive manufacturers is currently approximately 100 views per month.