Just Eat delivers delectable data for growing restaurants

Just Eat is a leader in food delivery, partnering with over 20,000 restaurants across 13 countries. In just 18 months, Just Eat implemented Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server on a global scale. The business intelligence team publishes data sources to Server, ensuring a single source of truth. The operations team can now identify opportunities for improvement and help restaurant partners grow their businesses. And with Tableau Server, restaurants can log in to see their own customer and sales data, and dig deeper with web authoring. With Tableau, Just Eat has enhanced their relationships with customers—both restaurants and end users. Business Intelligence Manager, Toan Hoang states, “It means [restaurants] will have a great experience, they will be able to grow and we will grow with them.”

Tableau: How is Tableau working for you at Just Eat? Toan Hoang, Business Intelligence Manager: The biggest benefit of Tableau at Just Eat is we have enabled our users to love data. Before, loving data was hard. You'll be drowned in a mountain of data—spreadsheets, emails, different systems. What Tableau has done has enabled our users to interrogate that data in a very easy and friendly way. Tableau: How are you using Tableau? Toan: In Just Eat, we use Tableau globally as our single business intelligence tool. We use it from executive level where they see the dashboards all the way down to operations; people that work day to day with our clients. Tableau: What does Just Eat do? Toan: Restaurants are the heartbeat of what we do. We're providing restaurants all around the world a front page and potential customers. What Tableau does, it allows us to aggregate our data, identify our key metrics, and present them to the people who work day in and day out with restaurants.

We can run projects now that are data dependent and will drive serious growth in different areas. Not just at Just Eat, but throughout my career, business intelligence is a valuable asset, and Tableau makes it easy.

Tableau: What did you use before Tableau? Toan: Prior to Tableau, we had Microsoft Excel. Everyone had their spreadsheets, but then we realized as we grew as an organization, we need a more consistent form of information delivery, a single version of the truth. Tableau: How does Tableau help you find that “single version of the truth?” Toan: With Tableau, we publish our data sources, which act as our golden source of truth. And even building dashboards from them can see the same information. It's secure, it's partitioned so you can only access what you need to access. Tableau: Do your customers get to see the data as well? Toan: We have provided several of our restaurants access to our data. So they can log in through our secure Web portal, access their own information, interact with that information, interact with dashboards that we have built purposefully for them. Or actually create own queries and use Web authoring to gain insight into their own business. Tableau: Do you only provide historical insights with your data? Toan: We can actually present them information. We're not just signing up restaurants, we are presenting them a map of where they can be, where they can grow to. And our sales teams value that. Tableau: How does this impact the restaurants that use Just Eat? Toan: If a restaurant has bad orders, our consultants, our customer care centers will work with restaurants and help them achieve a better result. And it means that they will have a great experience, they will be able to grow and we will grow with them. Tableau: How do you secure your Tableau data for your clients? Toan: We have a single-sign-on mechanism and federation. We essentially have a site per restaurant which enables us to secure the information so that no one else can access it. No accident can ever expose this sensitive information to anyone else. And then we give end users access to that. Tableau: How has Tableau changed your business? Toan: We can run projects now which are data dependent that will drive serious growth in different areas. This is not just at Just Eat, but throughout my career, business intelligence is a valuable asset, and Tableau makes it easy. Tableau: What is the future of Tableau at Just Eat? Toan: Tableau has started to impact major decisions. And I believe as we grow, as user adoption increases, Tableau will be an ever-increasing source of information to drive decisions.