Salesforce Learning Credits

The smart way to plan your team’s training

Take the flexible path to building organizational efficiency

Your organization is unique, and you need a learning plan that suits your people and your budget. Salesforce Learning Credits offer a buy-now, use-later approach to training that makes it easy for you to manage yearly education requirements and empower your teams with the Tableau, Salesforce, or MuleSoft skills needed to find success now.

Power up your proficiency

Educate employees, measure impact, and establish best practices

Today, everyone who encounters data must know how to effectively spin it into insights. With Salesforce Learning Credits, you can help your people harness data’s transformative power while maximizing your analytics investment.

Redeem your credits on any Tableau, Salesforce, or MuleSoft education offering

Yep, it’s true—you can apply your credits to just about every Tableau, Salesforce, or MuleSoft learning product. Use your credits to explore:



Choose from 12 role-based learning paths on our eLearning platform, where your employees will get a unified learning experience that helps them embrace new skills.

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Instructor-led Learning

Our experts are ready to bring your team up to speed with virtual, public, and private training options.

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Tableau Certifications give your people a chance to prove their expertise and drive more value for your organization.

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New learning opportunities

Your credits are also valid for any new releases from the Tableau Education team, including exam readiness and Tableau Training Pass.

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See just some of the benefits of Salesforce Learning Credits


Flexible spending

Manage and update your training plans—even when your yearly needs change.

Budget proficiency

Drive transparency, accountability, and simplicity for your fiscal year.

On-demand training

Give your people the right level of education in the way that works best for them.

Help your employees shine

With Salesforce Learning Credits, you’ll give your people ongoing opportunities to grow their skills and learn new ones (and earn rewards while they do it). Start learning today.

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