How Boeing Enables Tableau for the Enterprise

Learn about Boeing’s Tableau journey and their keys to enabling Business Intelligence and Analytics across the enterprise. Boeing will also discuss the balance between Business and IT in the development of analytics and how both have a role in leveraging data to deliver results to the company. You can expect to walk away with an understanding of their key lessons learned, best practices and future plans for enabling use of Tableau across the enterprise. Boeing will even share how they were able to gain IT leadership support and endorsement for this key business analysis capability.

About the speakers


Kay Vandevanter

Analytics Architect, The Boeing Company

Kay Van De Vanter is an enterprise BI & Analytics architect for The Boeing Company, with more than 14 years of experience in BI and Analytic areas. For the past several years, she has led Boeing’s Business Intelligence & Analytics Competency Center team and has worked with several other key information management teams to drive the standardization and alignment of BI and Analytic initiatives at Boeing. Kay has also collaborated with industry analytic professionals, user groups, and teams to help drive innovation and quality in the technologies used at Boeing. She is currently partnering with other key stakeholders to develop an enterprise analytics strategy and technology roadmap in support of Boeing’s business goals. Kay is a member of various Analytics and BI Advisory Boards and has co-authored two books on BI and Analytics Program success.


Pat Birkeland

Operations Lead - Business Analytics Platform Services, The Boeing Company

Pat Birkeland is a Systems Design and Integration Specialist at The Boeing Company and has more than 10 years of experience in IT Operations. Pat has played a key role in developing, implementing and maturing of the PaaS offerings for the enterprise-wide Business Intelligence & Analytics services at The Boeing Company. Pat is a Theory of Constraints Jonah and is always looking for opportunities to apply TOC to the IT Operations environment.

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