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How Blue Bunny increased their sales footprint in a deal-driven retail market

Customer expectations for discounts continue to grow in retail's hyper-competitive landscape, which poses a complex challenge for retailers and their suppliers. During this session, Revenue Management Leaders Sairam and Avy will walk us through how to navigate these challenges. Learn how to leverage your data to calculate probabilities, effectively forecast, and plan for key selling seasons.

See the dashboards that Sairam and Avy have produced that assist them with:

  • Dynamically predicting bids based on historical market performance with bar charts
  • Assessing the incremental cost of distributing in a new market with maps
  • Optimizing profitability with dispersion charts
  • Determining what price it will take to win business
  • Forecasting using real-time financial overview dashboards

See how Blue Bunny Ice Cream moved away from making ad-hoc, gut-feel decisions to making more data-informed decisions. Establishing a data culture not only improved their sales footprint, but it encouraged more cross-functional coordination among their team and more responsive customer pricing.

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Over de sprekers


Sairam Ramasubramanian

Revenue Management Lead, Wells Enterprises

Sairam is an advanced analytics leader, with strong functional and team development experiences in Revenue Management, Data Insights and Predictive Analytics. Currently, building sustainable Revenue Management (analytics, strategy, execution) for Wells Enterprises a $1B+ ice cream CPG (3rd largest overall in US), serving the Retail, Mobile and Foodservice channels.


Avy Punwasee

Principal of Revenue Management Labs, Wells Enterprises

With over 15 years of senior Revenue Management experience spanning pricing, strategy and analytics Avy has transitioned between being an in-house practitioner with large companies such as Anheuser Busch InBev and Ford Motor Company to consulting for many leading companies on a global scale. Avy specializes in strategic pricing implementation, consistently delivering significant profit improvements across diverse industries.

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