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Going with the Flow at DISH: Guiding Your Customers’ Path on the Tableau Server

Learn the impact Tableau has had at DISH Network, directly from the team that implemented it. They will explain how DISH came to use Tableau, touch on the data that they collect and report on, and focus on two powerful techniques they repeatedly use to empower users.

Over de sprekers

Larissa Murphy

Business Operations Manager, DISH Network

Sean Payton

Business Operations Manager II, DISH Network

Sean is a business operations manager in the sales training department at DISH. During his 14-year career at DISH, Sean started as a call center representative and has worked his way up through the company ranks, becoming manager in 2014. He has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award three times during his DISH career. His most recent wins (2014, 2015) due in large part to the work he led building out Tableau Server for sales training. Sean has also been active inside the Denver Tableau community. His team has presented at the Rocky Mountain User Group and will present at the Denver Tableau User Group Q2 2016 meeting.

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