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Data Analytics at Austrian Airlines

Airlines are and have been data-driven companies for decades, but having enormous amounts of data alone is not enough. With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting airlines especially hard, efficiency and speed in analysing data has became more important than ever.

Join this on-demand webinar to learn how Tableau helped Austrian Airlines face this extraordinary challenge, accelerating the need to make data analysis and access more efficient across the entire organisation.

Christian Novosel, Head of Business Development, Digitalisation & Fleet, will discuss the important role of data not just in facing COVID-19, but in informing company strategy and everyday decision making as well as the impact of going from disparate data to a single, trusted source of truth, and how to drive a cultural transformation towards using data at every level of the business.

Lukas Rudari, Senior Manager Digital Delivery, will introduce us to an app that the company uses to provide up-to-date information internally. With content curated from centrally certified Tableau dashboards, the app provides executives and managers direct access to must-have metrics and relevant KPIs at the tap of a finger.

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Christian Novosel

Head of Business Development, Digitalization & Fleet at Austrian Airlines

Lukas Rudari

Senior Manager Digital Delivery at Austrian Airlines

Matthias Saltenberger

Senior Campaign Specialist DACH | Tableau Deutschland GmbH

Matthias has 10+ years of experience in creating, organizing and managing integrated marketing campaigns. Before Tableau he studied Information Science and Engineering where he focused on Online Marketing and Information Architecture. His broad knowledge about databases helps him run successful campaigns that focus on the IT audience and analyze campaign performance through data visualization.


Peter Varga

Account Executive, Tableau

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