Analytics Day for Bank of America Global Operations (In-person)

Dit evenement heeft helaas al plaatsgevonden.

Join Bank of America, Tableau, Alteryx and USEReady for an event focused on The Data-Driven Organization. Sessions will cover decision-making with data, career pathing and data accessibility. 

Online Registration 

For those wanting to attend the online webinar, please register here.


09:00 am - Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda

09:05 am - Bank of America Keynote

09:20 am - Decision-Making with Data Visualization

10:00 am - TBD - Alteryx Session

10:45 am - Break

11:00 am - Bank of America Use Case #1

11:20 am - Tips and Tricks / Feature Demo

11:40 am - Bank of America Use Case #2

12:00 pm - Wrap Up and Close