Track your wealth management performance on the go

Successful wealth management depends on intelligent data. But the amounts of time and energy wealth managers spend understanding that data is overwhelming.

Tableau offers a better way. Shrink your performance review time from hours to minutes by transforming large volumes of your data into easily understood visualizations.

Tableau’s advanced interactive features create a workbook that is built for exploration and customization. For example, the first dashboard shows you the geographical distribution of your selected measure— assets under management, revenue, sales, and more. It also offers you 4 other related views of that measure, providing insight into top advisors, regional distribution, trends over time and product category. For deeper understanding, you can drill down into the underlying data from the visualization or through the tab.

No laptop? No problem. Tableau allows you to distribute these visualizations to mobile devices such as tablets or cell phones so that you can review your data on the go.