Tableau Insights Delivered Directly to Salesforce

Learn how you can take Tableau data visualizations and publish them in CRM Analytics, and embed insights on your Salesforce Lightning pages for access on laptop, tablet, or the Salesforce mobile app.

Ever wonder how much better life could be if you could deliver the data insights of Tableau right where your Salesforce users do their work? Better yet, do it natively so there are no extra extensions to install, or add-ons to purchase.

In this blog we will cover how to deliver insights from Tableau directly to Salesforce with Lighting Web Components (LWC). Starting in the Salesforce Winter ‘24 release (currently available), there are now two no-code solutions that do just that! Tableau dashboards are embedded as part of Lightning pages and even CRM Analytics Dashboards so there are no extra logins or navigation that interrupt the flow of work. These are the two new features we’ll talk about below.

  • Publish Tableau to Salesforce
  • Embed with Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWC)

Together they are part of our Salesforce Unified Analytics Experience that provides one place to surface insights in the flow of work in Salesforce.

Tableau Insights into Salesforce

What’s groundbreaking about these features?

Before the introduction of these new features, embedding Tableau content in Salesforce required special coding, approvals to download extensions, and since many IDPs don’t allow popups from iframes, users were required to sign in to access Tableau.

All that has now changed. One Beta customer who struggled with the older AppExchange extension said he had “tears of joy” the first time seeing the new capabilities outlined below. Better yet, the two features can be used together so you publish Tableau vizzes into CRM Analytics and then embed the team favorites right on their Salesforce Lightning page for access on laptops, tablets, or the Salesforce mobile app.

Tell me more about the new Salesforce ↔ Tableau integration

Publish Tableau to Salesforce provides a lightweight way to publish Tableau dashboards and views directly to CRM Analytics for use in collections, apps, or later embed on a lightning page. The experience could not be any easier. Once the Tableau site and Salesforce Org have a trusted connection, you select “Publish to Salesforce...” from the Tableau Action menu for the viz you want to make available. You’ll be prompted for a destination app to make it easily discoverable and secure in your Salesforce Instance.

Tableau Insights into Salesforce

You are not generating redundant copies of your data, instead we publish only the metadata about the Tableau viz. Just enough info so that we can surface it directly from Tableau within the comfy familiarity of Salesforce.

See the demo or visit our help topic for more information about Publish to Salesforce.

If you want to start publishing Tableau content, we are already live for both Tableau Cloud and Server 2023.1.

Embed with Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWC)

Native Lightning Web Component for Tableau with seamless authentication allows the Salesforce Admin to update team lightning pages with embedded Tableau vizzes so it can be a starting point for insights and exploration. You can drag and drop embedded Tableau vizzes right onto the Salesforce experience or even directly into a CRM Analytics Dashboard. Better yet, since this is a native component, users are no longer confronted with blank components. We are introducing native LWC with seamless authentication so users no longer have to sign in to view Tableau content through the magic of connected app trusted tokens (see below).

Tableau Insights into Salesforce

No coding required! Simply go to the Share dialog for the Tableau viz and we supply the URL and Site ID for you to copy/paste into the Salesforce LWC component.

If you want to get started with using Tableau LWC it comes with Salesforce Winter ’24 release that’s available now. You’ll also need Tableau with Connected Apps (Server v2021.4 or greater) or Cloud.

See the demo or visit our help topic for more information about getting started with Tableau LWC with Seamless Authentication.

Salesforce Winter ’24 Release: Component Filter Parameters combine the best parts of Tableau and CRM Analytics to get amazing insights in the flow of work. As of the Winter ‘24 release, you can set up parameters to pass state from CRM Analytics to Tableau as filters. This can create interactive experiences as seen below.

Tableau Insights into Salesforce

Creating these experiences is easy! After publishing your Tableau viz to Salesforce, drag a component onto any CRM Analytics dashboard. Click the button in the center of the component to set it up. Choose the Tableau Component Tab, and select your published viz. Now, click on the parameters tab at top-right to add your interactive mapping. The parameter allows you to take any dynamic selection or query result and pass it to the Tableau dashboard as a filter. You can add one or more parameters.

Tableau Insights into Salesforce 5 FilterField

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